Bi-directional converter Batteries to grid by E22


BGRID2X inverter is a three-phase central inverter with a modular design. It can be connected to any photovoltaic module technology and to all variety of battery systems. It is designed for interior installation and can be customized to any given configuration.
BGRID2X three-phase inverter integrates:

2 power electronic modules
1 control module:
1 control board
2 interface boards
1 DC input

This three-phase inverter operates either as grid-connected system to feed power from solar modules or as an stand-alone unit for micro-grids. When connected to batteries it can be used as an UPS system.

BGRID2X has been designed and engineered by E22’s engineering services IPS to perform at a maximum altitude of 2,000 m and for temperatures from -20°C to +45°C, although this parameters can be customized to satisfy customer needs.