High tech inverters and power controller by E22 Energy Storage


E22’s maximum efficiency power electronics platform

Bgrid is a three-phase central inverter with a modular design that can be connected to any PV module technology and to all variety of battery systems. Solution developed for the control of renewable generation plants. Efficient, scalable and configurable to adapt to the specific needs of the plant.

Based on an efficient electronic power converter, the platform incorporates a control board capable of governing up to four converters simultaneously synchronously, giving rise to platforms BGRID1X, BGRID2X and BGRID4X, and can be used with slight modifications to operate as an inverter in the following applications:

BGRID can work as STATCOM, allowing flexible (can work as inductive and capacitive compensator) and fast reactive power control (especially indicated for reactive dynamic compensation applications).

BGRID allows the grid injection of the photovoltaic plant, adapted to the most demanding grid codes. It implements an efficient MPPT algorithm that in version 4X allows independent MPPT control of up to 4 DC inputs.

In this mode of operation BGRID controls the charge and discharge of different types of electrochemical batteries to provide various grid services, both in grid-connected mode and in isolated mode.

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