E22’s energy expert team is prepared to assist customers all the way down from inception to project successful completion.

From selecting the most suitable applications and areas of savings to election of major technological components and the alignment with the most efficient installers, E22 can provide a full Turn-key EPC service package where the customer expected performance of the facility is 100% guaranteed.

E22’s engineers are the best partners to prepare and deliver a totally integrated solution oriented towards maximizing the energy resources and providing the best return on your investment.

Energy storage solution for PV solar plant by E22
services for energy storage by E22


From small residential installations to large scale industrial plants, E22’s design and engineering team is in the best position to advise and assist in creating your system.

E22’s engineers evaluate and offer customers a variety of configuration options, and help identify the best technological solution for a required installation.

Having E22’s engineers on your design and development team is a guarantee of project success.


Because every energy resource is different and requires different attention, E22 can assist customers identifying the specific needs for an specific facility and design the equipment and usage necessaries to overcome and optimize your energy system performance.

From Peak Management to Demand Response and Back-up Power, E22 can design, integrate and lease the necessary energy storage system alongside the appropriate control and monitoring system (EMS, BMS, PCS, etc.) and offer these operations to customer under a service contract.

Customer will not require a CapEx to benefit from this service, and the facility will have immediate savings or improvements in revenue generation being properly controlled either by customer team or E22 support team.