Energy Storage Solutions (E22) has participated in the first GRS storage project in Australia with a lithium-ion battery system located in Longwarry (Australia). With a 5MW/7,5 MWh of capacity, the installation will aim to support to the grid service provider, AusNet Services, and will represent a new milestone in the take-off of Grupo Gransolar’s company in the area. .

Under the grid support agreement signed with AusNet, E22 will make the battery’s capacity available during summer peak periods and other emergency events.Outside of the emergency dispatch periods, E22 will be allowed to participate in the electricity and ancillary services markets.

The Longwarry area experiences particularly high energy demand, especially during summer periods. When this storage project goes live it will improve the reliability of power supply in the community, helping to reduce power outages, among other benefits.

“An opportunity in the Australian market”

“We are very proud of what Longwarry means for E22 as a chance to enter the Australian market partnered with AusNet Services in this network service project.”, E22 Managing Director Jaime Vega explains.

For his part,AusNet General Manager Network Strategy and Planning, Rod Jones,said: “This large battery energy storage system is one of the first of many across the AusNet network. In conjunction with Gransolar, the site will provide important network support capabilities for us over the peak summer periods and ensure a more reliable supply of electricity to our customers. It will also pave the way for more new and innovative solutions to the growing demand for energy services.”

The connection of this project comes at a crucial time for the future of renewable energies in Australia, in the midst of a new direction set by the incoming Government, and a strong commitment on achieving net zero targets.

Carlos López, Managing Director Australia at Gransolar Group,highlights the role energy storage will play in the development of renewable energies: “It is a time when large-scale projects are beginning to spread, often hybridized with renewables. These ambitious storage projects enable the transition to green energies by ensuring the energy supply, but also help correct grid imbalances and regulate electricity prices”.