P50 (VCUBE50) is the smallest of the E22’s VCUBE series. This electrical 50kW energy storage system is an electro-chemical all vanadium product with four (4) hours of energy storage ready to discharge at rated power. It comes fully packed in an standard 20’ container and includes for Remote Diagnostic and Continuous Monitoring of all parameters, including the State of Charge (SOC).
This tiny unit is prepared to perfectly integrate with all kind of renewable power sources in a vast variety of applications such isolated microgrids, grid-connected buildings, and also utility-scale solar and wind facilities, delivering most of the production-correction benefits these industries require: energy shifting; peak load matching; demand reduction, etc.

E22 50kW-200kWh energy storage vanadium systems
E22 50kW-200kWh energy storage vanadium systems


This electrical energy storage system is a Vanadium electrochemical product that accumulates several hours of energy storage. The system is integrated within a modular block from 250 to 330kW that allows the parallel connection of several units to each other, thus having the possibility of configuring the system according to the requested needs.

The solutions are delivered in complete containers and include Remote Diagnostic and Continuous Monitoring of all parameters, including the State of Charge (SOC).

E22 offers several services to its customers, sucha as the Turn Key package of the whole installation or a more Flexible Delivery of certain required elements.

European Conformity for our Vanadium Battery Our 250 kW Vanadium Battery, VCUBE250, has the European Conformity mark (CE) according to Directives 2014/35/EU and 2014/30/, and taking as reference the certifications IEC 61439-1:2011, IEC 61439-2:2011 and IEC TS 62933-5-1: 2017.


EMS system control for energy storage by E22


E22’s Battery Management System (BMS) has been designed to manage E22’s VRFBs systems. This control system has the flexibility to enhance the battery performance, adapting the Auxiliary Power consumption to the minimum level to maximize the Battery System Efficiency. Also, E22’s BMS can adequate the E22’s VRFBs electrochemical behavior to any energy and power application.

One distinctive feature of the E22’s BMS is the ability to analyze and diagnose the component’s State of Health and immediately send an internal info to LEMS (Local Energy Management System), and EMS (Energy Management System), to activate a preventive maintenance. This type of alarm info so generated by the BMS prevents that the identified event raises to an Emergency Stop System event.

This state-of-the-art control system comes along fully integrated with the E22’s VRFBs systems and it’s not commercialized separately.


E22’s Local Energy Management System (LEMS) has been engineered to manage properly the coordination between the BMS and Power Control System (PCS). This coordination optimizes the round-trip efficiency by operating both systems properly, considering the electrical conditions of the POC (Point of Connection) and the Control Setpoints from the EMS.

E22’s LEMS also guarantees the PCS strategies at the Point of Connection (POC) and is prepared to provide customers a flexible and limited Control SCADA platform to monitoring and reporting the state of the entire energy storage system (PCS and BMS).