Energy Management System (EMS)

E22 has developed an EMS for isolated hybrid systems. These hybrid generation systems use a diesel generator as a backup system to a renewable generation system, usually wind, photovoltaic or mixed.

The energy management system minimizes the fuel consumption of the diesel generator by making optimal use of the energy provided by the renewable generation system.

A battery-based storage system makes it possible to optimise the system without penalising the cost of the installation.

Our system is scalable, thanks to the flexible possibilities it offers to expand the installation without difficulty and with a lower CapEx

E22 Energy Management System for isolated hybrid systems


Centralized control system

E22 has developed an innovative dynamic reactive compensation system of DSTATCOM type. A centralized control system that allows distributed control of the different units arranged in the generation park and also integrate passive compensation elements in order to minimize the cost of the solution, but without affecting the flexibility and speed of response of the overall solution. The system has several control modes: voltage control, voltage-reactive control, power factor regulation.


Can operate by injecting inductive or capacitive current.

Can reach reactive setpoint in milliseconds.

It does not modify the resonance frequency of the grid and can change its output without producing inrush currents that produce voltage distortion.


The solution for grid connection of PV solar plants

As part of an important international group dedicated to photovoltaic solar energy, at E22 Energy Storage Solutions we are experts integrating energy storage solutions with PV sources.

Our PV inverter is based on a modular solution of electronic converters of IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor; semiconductor device to be applied as a controlled switch in power electronics circuits), which allows the injection of electricity from the PV plant to the grid meeting the most demanding requirements (Grid Codes).


Our battery power control system solutions, capable of operating connected or isolated to the grid. Both are based on an inverter for modular batteries, being possible to use different battery technologies, such as flow batteries, lithium, lead, etc..


Provides different grid services. It’s applications are implemented on the platform, being able to be commanded from third party applications.

E22 inverter grid services


Control of microgrids and isolated grids that allow the integration of renewable energy sources in an efficient and reliable way.

Power electronics solution to maintain constant voltage and frequency in the microgrid, allowing the connection of any type of distributed resources.

Stabilizes the voltage and frequency of the grid maintaining the balance of active and reactive power in the microgrid.

In conditions of unbalanced demand, it is capable of balancing the supply, preventing the generators connected to the microgrid from being subjected to these disturbances.

It uses a direct voltage and frequency control system that provides optimum dynamic behaviour.

In addition to isolated operation, it can operate connected to strong or weak grids. An efficient island detection system allows a free transient adjustment between each operating mode.

Connected to the grid, it can operate in self-consumption mode, minimizing grid consumption and avoiding grid injection if the regulations penalize it.

E22 microgrid renewables BGRID