Energy Storage Solutions (E22) is leading one of the most important energy storage projects in Europe, a 100 MWh capacity system that will contribute to regulate the electricity grid in Balen (Belgium). Gransolar’s energy storage division undertakes the construction, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of this installation for a 10-year period, strengthening its position in the European market after developing battery projects in countries such as Australia, the United States and Spain.

The company executes the EPC of the 15MW/60MWh and 10MW/40MWh lithium-ion LFP battery systems (BESS) owned and developed by power and renewable investment and development platform Nala Renewables, a joint venture formed by Nyrstar’s parent company Trafigura and IFM Investors. The BESS will be located and connected to the 15 kV grid at Nyrstar’s Balen smelter.

The project, whose main function will be to participate in the electricity grid regulation markets, is currently in the installation phase and is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2022. When connected, Balen will be one of the largest energy storage projects in Europe.

The relevance of storage in Europe

European Union countries are in the process of promoting renewables as the energies of the future and are aware that this transition needs to be completed with a further step: energy storage. Proof of this is the significant support this project has received from local authorities from the beginning. For example, the groundbreaking ceremony for the BESS project held on 10th March was presided over by Flemish government ministers Hilde Crevits and Zuhal Demir.

This project comes at a crucial time for the future of energy in Europe, in the midst of the debate on energy dependence and the importance of investing in storage systems. This is a time when large-scale projects are beginning to proliferate, especially hybridized with renewables. “Storage specialist companies are designing increasingly ambitious projects that will help to correct grid imbalances, regulate electricity prices and, above all, impose the leadership of green energy. In this process, energy storage will play an increasingly important role,” states Jaime Vega, managing director of E22.

“E22 brings their successful track record, knowledge and expertise to Nala Renewables’ BESS project that will help provide greater stability to the Belgium electricity grid by helping to balance supply of renewable energy with energy demand,” said Jasandra Nyker, CEO of Nala Renewables.