The emerging global market for storage systems has to face several factors that make their complete implementation possible; manufacturers and developers of storage technologies, with their different applications and characteristics, try to reinforce the reliability of their systems, through rigorous stress tests, to serve for many years in the projects where they are installed. All these tests serve as support for insurance companies and other essential agents involved in the project, for its correct viability.

Safety, environmental and other specific electrical and chemical regulations, as well as accreditations such as CE marking, UL Listing, or ISO certifications, among others, also support the quality and reliability of the systems that will be installed and that should operate without major incidents throughout the life of the project.

At E22, we reinforce our energy storage technology through multiple tests aimed at reducing potential risks in energy installations and optimising results.

In this way, our containerized Lithium-Ion solutions are ready to use, fully equipped for different fields of application, with LFP technology from leading brands, reliable and safe.

Our Vanadium Flow Batteries, with their modularity to adapt capacity and power to any type of storage project, are proven to last more than 20 years in virtually any application.

At E22, we keep developing different technical and analytical solutions in the energy storage sector to maximize existing resources, eliminate risk factors and provide the best return on your investment.