We reinforced our position in the renewable energy sector with the installation of a Vanadium flow battery for Naturgy in the Vega I and II Wind Farm, located in Zamora. This is a pioneering system that will allow the storage of surplus energy produced by wind turbines, offering the possibility of future use when necessary. In addition, we have installed our Energy Management System, ETER, with which we ensure a constant balance between situations of valley demand and possible voltage peaks.

During its operation and the first charge and discharge cycles, our VCUBE250 battery has registered the expected capacity and power, delivering all of its 250kW during the first 2.5 hours of discharge. With the main objective of testing its operation in real conditions during one year, we will carry out continuous studies together with Naturgy, programming and executing tests with which they will simulate profiles of different network services applications.

Likewise, its high response speed will be checked, the behaviour of the components in different production scenarios will be analysed and its integration in the wind generation model will be definitively validated. As this is a pioneering technology, the control processes carried out will be exhaustive and continuous, ensuring that the performance of the installation is optimal and safe. In this sense, the Vanadio VCUBE250 flow battery has a series of advantages that make it one of the most attractive, solid and efficient alternatives on the market.

It is rechargeable, has a storage capacity of 2.5 hours at full capacity (which can be extended to 10 hours), ensures infinite cycles and offers voltage and mains frequency control services thanks to the optimisation of our EMS. This system represents a great technological advance and a unique opportunity to strengthen the integration of the renewable model into the current electricity generation system. With our Vanadio flow battery, we open up a new possibility for the future of storage and, by extension, the renewable energy sector.