In the current business context, energy storage systems play a very important role in the process of decarbonizing the global economy. Companies that join this business model bring strategic value to the transition towards a more sustainable, secure, competitive and innovative economic recovery.

The optimal dimensioning of the installation, through a team of specialized professionals, will allow to adjust the amortization model and fit it to a viable business project in the short-medium term; as an example of application out of the mere energy storage, a correct dimensioning would reduce the contracted power with the distributor and would flatten the curve caused by the demand peaks that happen in the commissioning of equipment. The E22 facilities in Valencia have such a system, and the benefit and reduction in the electricity supply bill is quite significant.

In addition to the battery technology, there is a wide range of renewable energy generation models that make a storage project more than viable; although it is true that the price study of the different tariff periods of an electricity supply contract in the business can be attractive, the differential factor would also be to enable direct recharging from off-grid.

Photovoltaic power generation, for example, in this case, is very attractive due to the low cost of materials and ease of installation and provides the possibility of powering the business during most hours of the day, besides being able to charge the batteries at the same time.

Energy storage systems are here to stay, and for this, E22 works and studies all the possibilities in which this technology can be useful and efficient for the energy model to which it is intended to evolve.

E22 continues to develop solutions that promote the integration of renewable sources in the energy generation structure of today’s companies. The development of energy storage projects in Europe, Africa and Oceania contributes to the necessary transition towards renewable models.