• We have installed our Vanadium Redox Flow Battery in several projects in Denmark and Spain.
  • We have also carried out EPC network regulation projects with storage in Australia and the UK.

In the midst of the energy transition, 2020 has presented a scenario in which renewable energies have demonstrated that they are not only necessary for the improvement of the sustainability of the current model, but also for the health of the world economy. The technologies which favour the development of energy storage systems are evolving year after year, reaching a level of vital importance to enable the integration of renewable sources into the current generation system.

Given this scenario, at E22 we have made great progress with our own Vanadium flow battery, installing it in various projects around the world. The most recent, together with Naturgy, is a pioneering storage project, as it was the first in Spain to integrate the Vanadio reduction battery with a wind energy installation. At an international level, we have recently signed an agreement with the Technical University of Denmark for the complete renovation of its Vanadium reduction battery.

We are developing an innovative and robust technology that offers a longer lifetimesays our Managing Director, Jaime Vega. Likewise, he points out, “the confidence with which we have landed in markets such as Australia or the UK, which are very focused on storage, is going to allow us to tackle many other projects with guarantees in the coming months“. Our international expansion, although progressing step by step, is beginning to form the basis for a constant presence and activity in Europe. 

Storage EPC

In addition, during 2020 we have strengthened our position as an EPC storage contractor, carrying out projects in the UK and Australia. In the first of these, our installation aims to regulate the grid, solving the lack of photovoltaic plants or other types of renewable installations in the area. The installed battery will absorb and deliver active and reactive energy to regulate the frequency and voltage of the grid (SEPD).

It has meant a great step for us in our expansion and consolidation strategy, as the United Kingdom has become one of the countries with the greatest commitment, not only in the promotion of sustainable and efficient installations, but also in the correct regulation of the electricity grid so that the transition towards renewable models is smooth and progressive.

In the EPC we are running in Australia, we are carrying out an installation of lithium-ion batteries, our EMS and the energy control system for the BESS System, which will provide network services to Ausnet’s electricity distribution networks. This project has the particularity that it is our first lithium-ion battery in the oceanic country, which, in Jaime’s words, “opens up a new path for us in one of the world’s main energy storage markets. This new contract strengthens our position as an EPC storage contractor with high quality standards and the ability to adapt to the requirements of each client“. 

An horizon with projects

Although the situation caused by the pandemic has been a challenge for us, at E22 we have worked firmly and professionally to reach agreements; to deliver our projects on time; and to make our way as a reliable technological partner.

In this sense, 2021 is presented as a year in which we plan to continue researching and developing products and storage solutions that optimise the performance of renewable installations. Likewise, we will be an important part of projects in Europe, Africa and Oceania, contributing directly to the integration of storage in a generation model that urgently needs a transition to renewable models.