We have completed the EPC of the Holes Bay facility, owned by FRV and Harmony. Located in Poole, a town in the county of Dorset, in the south of England, the Li-ion battery we installed has 7.5 MW and 15 MWh of capacity.

The core of facility is a new system which comprises six battery packs. FRV and Harmony have relied on our knowledge and technology to carry out the design, installation and commissioning of the Balance of Plant and connection to the Grid. Holes Bay’s objective is to regulate the network, solving the lack of photovoltaic plants or other types of renewable installations around the area. The installed battery will absorb and deliver active and reactive power to regulate the frequency and voltage in the grid (SEPD).

As our General Manager, Jaime Vega, explains, “avoiding valleys and voltage peaks is one of the chimeras that the batteries help us to achieve, managing these ups and downs so that the production of energy and subsequent distribution maintains a correct balance“. The United Kingdom has become one of the countries with the greatest commitment, not only in the promotion of sustainable and efficient installations, but also in the correct regulation of the electricity network so that the transition towards renewable models is smooth and progressive.

In this sense, Vega points out “the importance of being present in this type of growing market in which the possibilities multiply for companies like ours, which offers a wide range of services and storage solutions. At E22 we are in full expansion, strengthening our position in markets such as the United Kingdom and Australia and working on new opportunities in countries such as Morocco, Denmark or Spain“.

The technological state-of-the-art we offered in our storage and power control systems, together with our capacity to adapt to the needs of each project, is making us a reliable partner for customers and investors. Holes Bay thus joins an increasingly powerful, extensive and promising track-record.